Iguana Guitar Electric
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Iguana Guitar Electric
Bass Guitar
Iguana Guitar Decal
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Iguana Guitar, Electric


I Have always looked at this guitar and thought it would be the Coolest to have a picture of "Buddy" applied to the guitar body! So I posed Buddy for  some pictures, and with the Magic of Carole (our terrific graphics person!) Voila! The Iguana Guitar! 

 Technology has caught up to our Vision! This is the 2nd Generation, with High Quality Graphics wrapped all around the front of the Guitar Body!! Fender® Squier® Strat® Electric Guitar! This looks like an Iguana is on your guitar! (Yes, this is a full size guitar!) 39" x 12.75" approx. 8 lbs. Also Available as a Bass Guitar!

Part Number CIS GII    Your Price: $349 each (+$39.95 S & H)
Call Toll Free 1-866-783-9382

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